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eccity Artelec 670 - Scooter électrique - Avis d'utilisateur - great fun

Posté le 11-05-2015 par rolling electric (Weissenburg) - Signaler un abus - Consulté 4328 fois

Modèle testé
Scooter électrique eccity - Artelec 670

eccity motocycles - eccity125
My Artelec came straight from Eccity, completely charged and ready to go as a “package” on a palet. The communication I had with Mr. Cornillon from Eccity before was very friendly, precise and offered a solution to every problem that could possibly occur. Most of all, not only every statement proved to be correct but it also reflected the enthusiasm with which they are working on the scooters in Grasse.
The scooter itself was a “serie speciale of December 2014” with a bulle haute, a tablier de protection and a Top Case:
The bulle haute offers very reasonable wind and weather protection. If the rain is not too heavy, on short trips you get quite enough protection from the “bulle haute” - all rain you get is on your arms and shoulders and what drops off the helmet. For quite a while your legs remain fairly dry.
The tablier de protection looks as if it provides very good extra weather protection for your legs. It has an additional protection sheet for the seat while you park and a flap for comfortably accessing the ignition key under the protection sheet - all very well designed – in fact I took it off, as I felt, I didnt need that much protection.
The scooter does look a lot better without it and is easier to get on and off. It is not complicated with the tablier either, just it´s still more convenient without it.
The Top Case – comes same colour as the vehicle and it locks with the same key – very comfortable! It is also easy to take off and got a handle to carry it in your hand.
It is just not very big – so I have to take the chin piece off my Nolan N44 helmet, otherwise it would not fit in.
The same is true for the space under the seat: Here, too, you should make the test before buying a helmet, since many jet helmets simply don´t fit in (There will be an Eccity helmet available by the end of May 2015, Mr. Cornillon told me. I have a “nexx sx10 switx”, that also fits in)
Starting the engine takes 2 or 3 seconds for booting, then you´re ready to go but hear nothing at all – complete silence. After folding up the side stand (that interrupts the engine – no chance to roll off as long as it´s out!) you can start moving. Driving is still very silent but there is a chirping sound when you accelerate (and at the very beginning, starting from a stop there may even be a buzzing sound at first). This is not inconvenient as pedestrians can normally hear you coming - while you´re still very silent at the same time.
The acceleration is superb (“ better than my 27 hp Motorcycle” someone said) and the Artelec reaches 80 km/h in no time and also gets to 100 km/h pretty quickly (top speed is 105 and it often does not need full power to keep it).
This is sure fast enough to keep lorries behind and there is also no problem uphills – the steepest I had was 18% with a passenger on the back – no trouble!
The handling is very agile even around tight corners and feels safe. The suspension is more on the “sporty” than on the “soft” side of riding.
The brakes are strong and can be reasonably well dosed. Maybe it takes getting used to the fact, that pulling the brakes also cuts the engine – and after releasing the brakes there may be this tiny little fraction of a moment before the motor comes back to life – it is a matter of getting used to it rather than a disturbance, and even if it´s felt to be a disturbance it doesn`t seem a problem to turn it off – just ask at Eccity.
The range is absolutely what Eccity say it would be. Reading the energy indicators you can tell pretty well how far you can go: There are 8 indicator bars and according to your speed you get between at least 9 and 15 km from each of them (a little less from the first one but all the rest seem fairly the same). So it´s no problem getting 120 km without charging. The longest I got was 134 km at a speed of up to 60 km/h and didn´t get stranded on the way. And even at speeds between 80 - 100 km/h there are still around 10 km per indicator-bar, giving you around 80km of range... and as I said before, it´s not hard to find out about your consumption during the ride and adopt speed accordingly if necessary.
Charging is simple – just plug into any ordinary socket – but takes a while (8 h), unless you buy the stationary quick charger , which I didn`t. And the cable isn´t very long - just over 2 m.
There is enough space to take a passenger – and enough power for that, too - acceleration stays remarkably good.
Putting the Artelec on it´s central stand is very hard for one alone, but Eccity seem to be working on that, I heard. And eventually there is the side stand that is very convenient, so most of the time you wouldn´t even think about the central stand.

So what´s the summary?

It´s fun to ride. It´s suitable for most every day situations. It´s definitely a fantastic solution for urban traffic, with an option to go out into the country any time you like. It makes sense (It is quick enough, comfortable enough and easy to find a parking. If you need more than 100 km a day there is a stationary quick charger available to keep charging pauses shorter. Running cost is very low.)
And definitely: It´s fun!!!

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( 4.72 /5)

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